Creepy House: A Dancing Mystery

On a dark, dark hill; in a dark, dark town; down a dark, dark street; something is haunting Creepy House.

It’s scaring the residents; and gripping them in fear with disturbing noises, year after year.

An unsolvable mystery, that’ll send shivers down your spine – can you help us crack it, if you have the time?

Second Hand Dance has been commissioned by the South West Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians (aSCEL) to create a spine-tingling dance adventure for children in libraries linked to the Summer Reading Challenge. It has been funded through Arts Council England’s Grants for Arts scheme with investment from Pavilion Dance South West and will be performed in 15 libraries across the South West in August 2013.

Choreography: Rosie Heafford

Dancers: Naomi Tadevossian & Adam Blake

Project Assistant: Joanne Collingbourne

Visual Design: Elizabeth Howell

Music: James Marples

Project Producer: Zannah Doan