Humpty Dumpty: A Wibbly Wobbly World of Words

Humpty Dumpty is an interactive dance performance for 4-7 year olds made in collaboration between Second Hand Dance and Claire Reed

In a topsy turvery land behind the bookshelves, Humpty Dumpty has lost the words to his riddle and doesn’t know where to find them. Can you help?

This lively interactive performance takes children and their adults on an exciting journey travelling through an imaginative landscape of words and actions, exploring language in a multisensory way.

Inspired by the world of Lewis Carroll and his Humpty Dumpty character from ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’, this promenade experience is part dance performance, part workshop. Audiences join the search for Humpty Dumpty’s riddle, guided by two dancers. Following the paper soldier clues, they explore a mysterious set, watching and making up their own dances as they go. The performance integrates itself into each venue/space by travelling through and around bookshelves, trees, shops or corridors.


Choreographer and Co-director  - Rosie Heafford

Visual Artist and Co-director – Claire Reed

Composer – Jonathan Broder

Performers – Lindsay Beale, Heidi Harris & Amiee Papworth

Project Assistant – Christian Taylor


Photos by Zoe Manders (Zoetrope Photography) & Benedict Johnson