Training Through Production

Inspired by Loughborough University’s history of training through production and the Loughborough University archive material depicting images of mass movement; 'Training Through Production' was a new work by Serena Korda in collaboration with Rosie Heafford involving a mass movement choir. Developed in the 1930s in Germany by Rudolf Laban it employed the synchronised movement of a large group of people in outdoor locations and has been adopted by many political groups to embody the spirit of community against adversity. 

Training through Production drew upon Loughborough’s rich history of utopian industrialism epitomized by Herbert Schofield, principle of The University between 1915 – 1950.  Schofield believed that his students should learn through practical implementation of skills developed in the classroom. This culture of production combined with ideals of exercise and health are the basis of Serena’s mass movement choir.

The invented folk dance at the heart of the work was developed with the help of its participants, all amateur dance enthusiasts. During each rehearsal the notion of finding choreography in the everyday underpinned the work’s development, with each participant contributing their own daily rituals to the dance’s evolution. This continues Serena’s interest in man’s relationship to the mechanical whilst highlighting the birth of many folk dances developed from workplaces. The final performance moved from pitch to pitch by a procession that culminated at the Carillon playing a new composition by Daniel O’Sullivan played by Caroline Sharpe.

Training through Production dancers were: Carolyn Brown, Katie Harrison, Bertie Mathewson, Pauline van Romondt Vis, Daniel Bower, Roxana Morosanu, Helena Parsons, Sally Renshaw, Sarah Knapp, Rhian Morris, Zia Dowling-Haigh, Sophie Chapman, Serena Korda and Rosie Heafford.

With special thanks to the Loughborough Carillon, Peter Crooks and the Tuxedo Swing Band.


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  1. Training Through Production
Training Through Production