A Piece of Information : The Duck and the Fresian

Second Hand Dance collaborated with Helena Webb to create the dance duo The Duck and the Fresian. The Duck and the Fresian first performed at the Celebrating Surrey Festival in 2010.

A piece of Information

by The Duck and The Fresian

“Bit confused…do we have to perform on stage?…well maybe something about information…clues…construction…instruction… or something about us having not seen each other for a long time and making work the only way we can while we are apart?… sorry to be vague…your… piece of information? is on its way” Helena 20/10/2010

“I also like clues and construction and instruction… exciting…I’m exhausted…but, it went really well…” Rosie 20/10/2010

This duet, by two young women, describes the journey, hassels, intrigue and obstacles to living and working in a globalised world. Separated through circumstance, they try to figure out what information can be and what we make of it. Using tasks of construction and instruction to communicate across distance, the performers come together in this piece to create a playful and evocative world their audience can only glimpse at.