Commissioned by Polka Lab and Hopper, Second Hand Dance is undertaking research on the theme of ‘Touch’ in November 2017. We are all touched hundreds of times each day, by loved ones by strangers and by inanimate objects. Before our eyes develop outside of the womb, we learn the world through touch. Touch can connect, contain and stimulate.

We want to research the offer and acceptance of touch between performer and audince. Stepping out of the studio, the research will be based in nursery and pre-school settings with children aged 0-3 and their carers. Through open-play workshops we will invited dancing and physical contact between dancers, children and adults. It springs from a desire to touch and to be touched. To re-affirm the power of touch in the digital age between performer and performer, performer and audience, parent and child.

In 2018, Rosie Heafford will also be working as a visiting lecturer at Royal Holloway University working with under-graduate and school students to research the work further.

At the end of the research there will be a two work-in-progress sharings with a group of adults and with a group of children.

This project is supported by Polka Theatre, developed through the Hopper Early Years scheme with the support of Take Art, Surrey Arts, China Plate, Arts Partnership Surrey, and Paul Hamlyn Foundation and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.