The Sticky Dance, a reflection by Kimberley Harvey

Who am I? 

Who am I learning to be? 

Who/what do I want to be? 

Who/what could I be? 


The Sticky Dance embraces these questions for the little humans who experience it.  

A space of possibility, of individual and collective creative realities within a dance performance.  


A place to see and be seen, 

A place where you're invited, and you invite others 

A place to listen  

A place to be reassured or a place to wait and see 

A place to dance alone or with someone else, exploring together 

A place of echoes and reverberations 

A place of exchange in all kinds of ways, in all directions 


What are the bridges or links that a creative world, like The Sticky Dance, can make with some of the other realities we experience in life, so that these ‘windows of possibility’ for individual ways of being and expressing can stay open for a little longer? 


The interplay between play and performance.  

A playful performance.  

A performance constructed from layers of play.  

A sliding kaleidoscope where different elements come in and out of focus, so that play and performance can exist simultaneously without preconception or judgement.  


Kimberley Harvey is a disabled dance artist with 14 years of experience of working as a performer, choreographer and teacher.