Getting Dressed Films For Ages: 2 - 7

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  • January 2022

Travel into a digital world of swirling skirts, sashaying socks, glitter ball jackets and tumbling t-shirts. This series of 5 short dazzling dance films, transforms our everyday clothes into celebrations of our individuality. Set to an 80’s inspired soundtrack, with a dancing background and animations that move along to the music, the Getting Dressed films are created for audiences 2 to 102.

Join in with the pre-recorded workshop and groove, jump and swirl with your own clothes or use the activity pack to make your own dance. You could get your family, teachers and friends involved too! How many ways can you wear a pair of socks? How many t-shirts can you put on? What’s the bounciest, swirliest outfit you can wear?

The Getting Dressed films have inclusivity and access at their heart; the animated background visually represents the music and they can be watched in different formats:

  • Audio described – follow the words of our young audio describers (aged 9-11yrs) and listen to the performers describing and introducing themselves.
  • British Sign Language version – with an introduction and music descriptions
  • Plain background version – no animations and softer background colours lower the visual processing demand

“It is silly and playful, zany and colourful – a more progressive, subversive take on clothes than you might expect” Children Theatre Reviews on Getting Dressed (the show)

Lead image by Delphine Jones. Photo by Lauryn Pinard

Creative Team

Performed by:

Ellen Yilma (socks)

Phil Hulford & Thor Hulford, (t-shirts)

Folu Odimayo (skirts)

Maiya Leeke (jackets)


Families & Children:

Ottilie Austin, Quinn Dowling, Zion Hulford, Taiki and Sachi Kimura-Lawson, Christina May and Maya Pattullo, Nell and Marc Stevenson, Juno and Laura Whittington


From Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children:

Khalid Abdi, Dolu Hassan Halil Azevedo, Matteo Costi, Helen Doran, Lily Galluzzo, Kallesta Orr, Xanti Serra-Ward, Alexia Valivacheva

Special thanks to Olive Kane, Keir Patrick, Louise Wilks, Jo Ross and all the staff at Frank Barnes School.


Directed & Edited by: Rosie Heafford

Filmed & Editing Support by: Kate Flurrie

Deputy Director: Keir Patrick

Animations: Johnny Luu

Music: James Marples & Amir Shoenfeld

Costume: Cristiano Casimiro

Dramaturg: Lou Cope

Green Screen technician: Will Monks

Deaf Access Consultant: Deepa Shastri

Deaf Music Access Consultant: Ruth Montgomery

Audio Description: Jenny Stewart-Cosgrove in collaboration with Darragh Cassidy, Katie Forshaw, Lottie Kingham, James Marsden, Sam Martin, Amelia Vernicos, Eliza Webster

Executive Producer: Claire Summerfield at Tandem Works

Assistant Producer: Olive Kane, Sophie Hack & Heather Ralph

Access Support for Rosie Heafford: Lauryn Pinard

Access Support for Maiya Leeke on location: Jack Parry

With thanks to Frank Barnes School, Kreative Culture Klub and the Join Our Journey Expert Panel for their feedback along the way.

Previous Screenings


  • Belfast Children's Festival - Young At Art
  • Sadlers Wells
  • Pavilion Dance South West
  • The Place


  • Teatro Luís Camões
  • University of Michigan Musical Society
  • The Spark Arts For Children

StreamDANCE, Led by Tandem Works, produced in association with The Place and commissioned by DanceEast, South East Dance & Pavilion Dance South West supported by Lighthouse and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England