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A selection of the lovely press we've received for our work!


Night Tree

'The Night Tree is a charming antidote to a commercial Christmas; a worthwhile and magical pause from the busy festivities. The young audience are transfixed as trees spin on wheels, a large snowy owl sweeps around the stage and a hand-held, life-sized deer puppet peeps shyly though the foliages.'

Wonderful World of Dance

Getting Dressed

Lovely, lively and engaging throughout

The Stage

There is a pleasing sense of freedom from gender stereotype here. Tweed skirts on men, boxer shorts on women – it is the childish glee that matters here.

Reviews Hub

It is silly and playful, zany and colourful – a more progressive, subversive take on clothes than you might expect.

Children’s Theatre Reviews



sweet, funny, heart-melting, fascinating choreography…You suddenly really, really want to kick off your shoes and join in.

Teatime in Wonderland

Music, video animations, multi-cued lighting and design all play an important part in making this show work: and work it does superbly… well-matched to its target age group whilst still engaging for the adults in the audience

British Theatre Guide

The creative spark from A Second Hand Dance production goes to show how, given the right encouragement, the new technology-craving generation can become engrossed in the natural world and simple play.

Curious Mum